New Release Moto-R

Deep down in the halls, between the concrete walls where no human has wandered for ages, a restless machine powers up to follow it's destined mission.
The Moto-R is growling and buzzing, writhing metal is screaming through the darkness. A strong surge goes through the engine, it has begun.
Waves of convulsive energy reach the pillars and walls, bending space, bending matter. The halls are vibrating now, kept inside the wake of the machine. A shift of gears, a rise of intensity, the walls are melting now. Incandesent plasma contorted into new form by hypnotizing frequencies.
Moto-R is in control now

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Pulsating waves emerge from dark sound wells and wash over your perceived reality. A slow heart beat appears in the deep distance, catches you and moves you forward. As the pulses grow stronger, ripples of pleasurous spasms travel over your skin and through your spine. Your whole body is vibrating now, stroboscopic splinters appear in the darkness and form a liquid surface of light.
You give in and become one with the psychedelic darkness.

2020 Hypostaseimpressum